About us

As a member of the Northwest Junior Football League (NFJL), North Creek Junior Football Association (NCJFA) strives to provide a safe and fun learning environment for our youth.

Our program focuses on teaching the fundamentals of football and cheer.
Our community focus aligns to our mission and goal, to keep registration costs down, allowing more opportunity for all youth to participate.

North Creek Junior Football Association aligns to the mission and goals to:

  • Keep registration costs low allowing more youth to participate
  • Require our coaches to be USA Football and Positive Coaching Alliance certified.
  • Put our kids as our first priority

As a league, NJFL uses an Age/Weight structure that is friendly to all players, and provides the opportunity for our football and cheer scholar athletes to participate in local league competition as well as regional events! We provide our participants with the most highly trained and experienced coaches. Our Head Coaches have a combined 70+ years of football and cheer coaching experience, all with a teacher/role model first mentality

As the premier youth/feeder program in our area, we believe in the positive impact football and cheer can have in our children’s lives. Our goal is to build a “Team” between our athletes, coaches and families. We all have a vested interest in providing the best experience throughout the season.