2 Junior Football teams confusing you?

There’s 2 junior football associations active in North Creek, Bothell.
Add the Bothell Junior Cougar Football Association to it as a 3rd in the Bothell area, and as parents you’ll likely be even more confused?

So on behalf of the North Creek Junior Football Association (NCJFA) we would to clarify a couple of things for you.

North Creek Junior Football Association (NCJFA) – Home of the Jaguars plays in the Northwest Junior Football League (NFJL).

Our team fields 76ers, 89ers, Peewees, Bantams, Juniors and Seniors Tackle Football. For the 2019 season we also have flag football available for ages 5-7. During the season we practice 3 times per week, and our home games are typically played at North Creek High School. We also offer free summer workouts starting in June, ($50 required for non-registered participants, with the ability to put towards registration)

Our website is NCJAGUARS.COM, the site you are currently reading this article on.

The colors of our team are purple & black, meaning that our team plays their games in these jerseys, also wearing a black helmet with a full-sized jaguar as our logo.

UPDATE: Our registration is going fast, JOIN US NOW, as our team will likely have to close registration early.

The Other Jaguars “North Creek Junior Jaguars (NCJJFA)”

North Creek Junior Jaguars (NCJJFA), the “other’ team in North Creek, plays in GEJFA, a league formed originally by the Bellevue Boys and Girl Club. They play Rookie, Cub, Sophomore, Junior Varsity and Varsity levels.
You can find their website here. NCJJFA plays in purple and white (wearing purple helmets).

What about “Feeder” programs?

Too many times football organizations tout to be the “exclusive feeder program”. It actually all depends on how you look at it, people tend to read “exclusiveness”, as “the only” — while that is certainly not the case.

Both organizations feed into North Creek High School (NCHS), and accept elementary school players to their junior organization within the North Shore School district.

Our organization (NCJFA NCJAGUARS) is one of the very few that accepts players from the broader Bothell area. We accept children of any elementary schools within the Northshore School district. In reality — if you live in the Northshore School District, you can play on NCJAGUARS.

It allows us to line up more teams, doesn’t cause any challenges around our staffing, and our players get the chance to play “both sides of the football”.

We should mention that both Jaguars teams have coaches that “graduated” into coaches on North Creek High School.

We have players that end up playing HS football for Bothell, Woodinville, Inglemoor HS, so our players aren’t “exclusively tied” to NCHS.

What about “REGISTRATION” costs?

Our organization is proud to announce that we have the lowest registration costs. Flag Football registration costs $100, compared to $150 in elsewhere in the Bothell area. Tackle Football is $300 compared to $425-$475 elsewhere in the Bothell area.

As our organizations wants to make the game of football accessible for all, we also offer siblings discounts on Tackle Football for families that have more than one player playing 89ers or up ($100 sibling discount).

We also offer scholarships as well as zero-cost payment plans to allow you as a parent for better budget planning.

Our organization operates on a “no-hidden cost” approach, meaning that we will NOT require you to do a minimal dollar amount of fundraising. We believe that as a family, if you feel great about our organization, you assist us in different ways of fundraising or sponsorships such as bringing us a new sponsorship. There is no additional costs for field, your player’s digital pictures, football gear (but please bring your own mouthpiece).

Community involvement

You’ll see our team being present through sponsorship of 3rd party events, such as PTA social events, donate football items and free summer workouts to families within our school district. Last year we also partnered up with Bothell Rocks and other organizations to have a joined community presence.

Which organization should you sign up for?

Let’s be clear, each of the sport organizations in the North Creek and Bothell area, are non-profit organizations staffed by volunteers who invest their personal time to contribute to their organization. When evaluating which organization to sign up your child, you should bear in mind that these volunteers all operate to keep your child active, grow their athletic skills, and help to raise talented children participating in the game of football or cheer. As an organization we are thankful to the many volunteers across the Bothell area providing a plethora of sports and activities.

Each organization probably has some outlines or write up on “Why us“.
Our opinion — evaluate, put your child first. — which doesn’t only include focusing on their friends but making sure you join an organization that puts safety first through partnering such as with Seattle Children’s for sideline support and studies around Football Safety.

As an organization we wouldn’t want to see your child play on our team, while all of their friends have registered with another team.

When one of your children wants to play football we suggest:

– evaluate where your child’s friends play first
– take cost considerations into account
– review the team’s success and “Why US” pages
– visit any of the info-sessions or PTA organized events
– Look for other benefits offered such as free summer workouts, free pictures for download (season 2019 individual pictures)

And most important, if you discover your child registered with the organization different from their friends, please let us know, we gladly direct them to the right organization, putting your child first.