Jaguar Cheer

North Creek Junior Football Association partners with Northshore Recreational Cheer club to provide sideline cheer to our team.

Northshore Recreational Cheer Club is the answer to the culmination of many cheerleaders, coaches, and parents in the Pacific Northwest looking for that elevated cheerleading experience. While many programs focus on supporting rolls, NRCC recognizes that there is more happening in the sport of cheerleading. After the announcement of Cheerleading becoming a provisional Olympic Sport, the world of cheerleading has opened up many opportunities for squads like ours.

Northshore Recreational Cheer club, aligns to the core mission of North Creek cheerleader, as a leader first, as a well rounded athlete and of course, as a cheerleader!

For registration on our cheer team, ran by Northshore Recreational Cheer Club, please visit – JAGUARS’S CHEER SIDELINE or email