Our Board

North Creek Junior Football Association relies on a solid team of members, families and community engagement.

We started 2019, with new board members, and are committed to working on the core values of our organization and putting our athletes as our first priority.

Board Members:

Ryan Mills, President
Email: president@ncjaguars.com

Dandy Weyn, Vice President
email: football@ncjaguars.com

Jeremy Vader, Equipment Manager
email: football@ncjaguars.com

Scott Newton, Registrar
email: football@ncjaguars.com

Andrew Ferng, Secretary / Treasurer
email: football@ncjaguars.com

Kandice Mills, Scholastic / Field
email: football@ncjaguars.com

Detailed roles and responsibilities of our organization are available upon request to our president.

Our board operates with transparency amongst its members, if you believe you have communication that should not be discussed with any other board members, please email our president Ryan Mills.
All other emails, and inquiries should be sent to football@ncjaguars.com