A non-profit organization would not exist without the hard work of our families, players, volunteers, partners and sponsors.

All of our members, coaches, team moms, and every parent who helps out at any of are events are volunteering their time and commitment.

Your sponsorship and charity donations are fully dedicated towards our players and contribute to:

  • being able to purchase and maintain our gear
  • provide training bags and equipment to our coaches
  • handle fees for field, insurance, snacks
  • supporting other organizations in our community such as school PTA events and charity / fundraisers
  • provide scholarships and reduced registration to families and players

Your Donation is highly appreciated and can be made by clicking this button:

As an organization we try to go above and beyond for our sponsors.
Depending on the sponsor package purchased to support our organization, that goes from featuring our sponsors on our website, yearbook, and social events to co-branding our merchandise such as sweatshirts, and featuring your logo in promotional videos and on our NCJAGUARS Trailer at the start of our 2019 season.

More information on what we offer in our sponsor package can be found in our 2019 Sponsor Package offering.

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